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Knowing as much about your health as possible can help you adjust and optimize your habits and lifestyle. At the Industrial Medical Group of Santa Maria Valley in Santa Maria, California, their skilled team performs physical exams for immigration, employment, and your peace of mind. To book your next physical exam, call the Industrial Medical Group of Santa Maria Valley, or schedule an appointment online today.

Physical Exams Q&A

What is a physical exam?

A physical exam is a comprehensive non-invasive test to evaluate the overall state of your health. You might need a physical exam for a specific purpose or as a regular part of your health and wellness routine. In any case, the Industrial Medical Group of Santa Maria Valley team performs the exam thoroughly and safely. 

Each physical exam includes a discussion about your health history, habits, and any medications you currently take. While you don’t need to be in poor health to get a physical exam, you should report any unusual symptoms or occurrences related to your health. The team takes your pulse and blood pressure before listening to your heart and lungs. 

The exam also includes:

  • Ear, eye, nose, and throat check
  • Skin inspection, and full musculoskeletal evaluation
  • Height, weight, body mass index, and full vital signs
  • Balance and reflex check
  • Complete heart, lung, and abdominal exam

You can ask any health-related questions you’d like during the exam. If your provider discovers anything abnormal, they might request that you get an X-ray, blood test, or another form of diagnostic testing. Depending on your age and risk factors, they might also tell you to get screening tests for specific health conditions. 

When should I schedule a physical exam?

Many health experts agree that you should get a physical examination once a year. Beyond annual physical exams, there are a few other reasons to get one. Industrial Medical Group of Santa Maria Valley offers physical exams for the following purposes:

Pre-employment physicals

Many employers require you to get a physical exam to make sure you’re healthy enough to safely perform your job for yourself and those around you.

Department of Transportation (DOT), Commercial Driver License physicals

The DOT requires people who drive commercial vehicles and trucks and work with heavy machinery to get regular physical exams. Such jobs need healthy employees that won’t be a risk to themselves or others around them. 

Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) physicals

INS physicals are a requirement of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services for people who want to become legal citizens of the United States. Passing your INS physical means you don’t pose a health risk to the public. 

Fit For Duty Physical Exam

Your employer may request a Fit for Duty exam to assess your ability to safely perform your job functions. This exam is a very thorough comprehensive physical looking at all aspects of your health and fitness

FAA Certified Pilot Physical

All aviators are required to pass a physical administered by a Federal Aviation Authority (FAA)-certified Aviation Medical Examiner in order to attain a pilot’s license. During an FAA Certified Pilot Physical, your provider assesses your vision, hearing and conducts a general physical exam. If necessary, your provider may order additional diagnostic tests to ensure you’re healthy.

What are the benefits of physical exams?

Physical exams offer many benefits to you personally, so if they aren’t already a part of your routine, you should consider adding them. Regular physical exams can:

  • Identify early signs of disease
  • Allow you to start treatment for conditions in their early stages
  • Provide answers to you about your health-related questions
  • Help you learn to improve your health and habits
  • Help you stay up-to-date with immunizations
  • Contribute to a lasting relationship with your primary provider

Furthermore, physical exams can prove to your employer or another entity that you’re capable of safely performing specific tasks. The more often you get physical exams, the better the team at Industrial Medical Group of Santa Maria Valley gets to know you and your preferences.

If it’s time for your next pre-employment physical or annual exam, call the Industrial Medical Group of Santa Maria Valley or book an appointment online today.