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Occupational Health Monitoring Specialist

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Some jobs require you to work with potentially hazardous chemicals and substances. With occupational health monitoring, you can ensure you’re performing your job safely and that its effects are minimal. At the Industrial Medical Group of Santa Maria Valley, their skilled team of physicians offers occupational health monitoring services like physical exams and respirator tests. To schedule an appointment, call the Industrial Medical Group of Santa Maria Valley or book online today.

Occupational Health Monitoring Q&A

What is occupational health monitoring?

Occupational health monitoring refers to medical care and testing that you may need to perform your job safely. Your occupational health monitoring requirements might be completely different from those of someone else who has a different job title. In any case, the occupational health monitoring your employer requires helps keep you safe. 

Occupational health monitoring also gives your employer important information about work conditions in your workplace. They can use information from your occupational health monitoring to improve working conditions and help you maintain your health in the future. The following factors can make your workplace unsafe for your health:

  • Hazardous chemicals
  • Dust and debris
  • Noise
  • Heat
  • Certain types of machinery

Your employer tells you which tests you need according to your job description and when you need them. 

What does occupational health monitoring involve?

Industrial Medical Group of Santa Maria Valley provides several occupational health monitoring services. You might need:

Pre-employment physical exam

Your employer might require you to get a physical exam before they officially hire you. The exam shows whether or not you’re healthy enough to perform your job safely and successfully. 

Cholinesterase testing

Cholinesterase is an enzyme that helps your nerves function. You might need cholinesterase testing if you work with pesticides.

Heavy metals testing

A heavy metals test is a blood test that measures heavy metals in your system like lead and mercury. Metals like these can harm your health if your job involves lots of exposure to them. 

Respirator fit testing

Many jobs require respirators to help you avoid breathing in harmful chemicals or debris. A respirator fit test makes sure your respirator fits correctly and can protect you well.


For your convenience, IMG is equipped with an on-site digital x-ray, with immediate interpretation.

Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) 

PFT's are an interactive challenging test of the lung's function.

Blood Tests or Lab Tests

IMG can draw a full panel of label tests to evaluate many different medical conditions or possible work-related exposures.

Does every occupation require health monitoring?

Not all jobs require occupational health monitoring. In most cases, occupational health monitoring is available for occupations that could affect your health or those around you. Successful occupational health monitoring helps protect you from long-term health conditions that need ongoing treatment and care. 

If you’re unsure if you need occupational health monitoring, your employer can give you more information. Getting regular physical exams at the Industrial Medical Group of Santa Maria Valley can help you keep track of your health regardless of your occupation. You can ask questions about job-related health concerns during your appointment.

Occupational health monitoring can give you valuable information about your health in relation to your job duties. To find out more, call the Industrial Medical Group of Santa Maria Valley or book an appointment online today.