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Paul E. Christensen, MD, MRO, FACEP

Emergency Medicine Physician located in Santa Maria, CA

About Dr. Christensen

Paul E. Christensen, MD, MRO, is a skilled physician at Industrial Medical Group of Santa Maria Valley, an occupational medicine practice in Santa Maria, California. Dr. Christensen is passionate about making a difference in the medical community and the lives of his patients.  

In 1992, Dr. Christensen received his Doctor of Medicine from the University of Nebraska College of Medicine, and he has practiced as an emergency medicine physician since 1994. He practiced in Minnesota from 1994-1999 and since 1999 has practiced in the San Luis Obispo area. 

Over the years, he has held numerous leadership positions in hospitals, including Medical Director and Chief of Staff. He is also active in many local medical committees and boards, where he has held positions such as President of Board of Directors. 

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